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  • Aug 27 2019 12:30: Tricycle Lunchtime Seminar
    University Hospital, Seminar room, ZLF, 2nd floor, Hebelstrasse 20, 4031 Basel, Lunch provided

    Johanna Wagner, Department of Quantitative Biomedicine, University of Zurich
    Title: A single-cell atlas of the tumor and immune ecosystem of human breast cancer

    Christoph Tausch, Brust-Zentrum Zurich
    Title: Is the time right to avoid surgery after neoadjuvant chemotherapy?

    Roger Beerli, NBE-Therapeutics Ltd., Basel
    Title: NBE-002, a novel immune-stimulatory ADC (iADC) targeting ROR1 for the treatment of TNBC

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The Basel Breast Consortium is an interdisciplinary organization committed to the development of basic, clinical and translational research projects by supporting interdisciplinary communication and mutual education in Switzerland and neighbouring cities. The presence of outstanding basic science groups, a university hospital and a medical faculty with strong clinical oncology departments, and numerous pharma companies make Basel well-positioned to be the nexus of these collaborative activities.

To discuss, design and conduct scientific projects with the potential to advance knowledge in breast cancer basic biology and therapy to the highest level of targeted therapeutic efficacy while minimizing treatment-related toxicity.

The consortium’s mission is accomplished by regular meetings and networking opportunities among basic researchers, translational research scientists, clinicians - from academia and industry - dedicated to the study of mammary gland development, as well as breast cancer research and treatment in Switzerland and neighbouring cities. Participating clinicians and researchers may have a designated interest in basic or clinical research and originate from the fields of plastic, oncologic and oncoplastic surgery, radiation and medical oncology, gynecology, pathology, radiology and genetics. Participating basic researchers may originate, among others, from a variety of disciplines, including basic cell biology, genetics, immunology, computational biology, endocrinology and fundamental molecular biology.

We organize four joint lunchtime tandem meetings per year. The format is three 15 minutes presentations from basic/translational researchers, clinicians, and industry, while providing 15 additional minutes for discussion and networking.
We are confident that these interactions promote fruitful collaborations in the fields of breast development and breast cancer in Switzerland and neighbouring cities.


All sponsors or donations for the Basel Breast Consortium are welcome.



  • Mohamed Bentires-Alj (Momo), Pharm, Ph.D. Department of Biomedicine, University Hospital Basel
  • Walter P. Weber, Prof. Dr. Chief, Breast Surgery Unit, University Hospital of Basel
  • Christoph Rochlitz, Prof. Dr. Head of the Tumour Center of the University Hospital Basel
    Webpage - Oncology department - CCRC website
  • Gerhard Christofori, Prof. Dr. Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel
  • Nicola Aceto, Prof. Dr. Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel
  • Simone Muenst Soysal, PD Dr. med. Department of Pathology, University of Basel
  • Ana Correia, Dr.Department of Biomedecine, University of Basel
  • Cinzia Donato Department of Biomedecine, University of Basel


BBC honorary members

  • Prof. Max Burger
  • Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Jörg Senn
  • Prof. Felix Harder
  • Prof. Richard Herrmann
  • Prof. Nancy Hynes
  • Prof. Peter Meier-Abt

Upcoming Events

  • Aug 27 2019 12:30: Tricycle Lunchtime Seminar

    University Hospital, Seminar room, ZLF, 2nd floor, Hebelstrasse 20, 4031 Basel, Lunch provided
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  • Sep 10 2019 12:30: BBC Project Talk

    University Hospital, Seminar room, ZLF, 2nd floor, Hebelstrasse 20, 4031 Basel
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  • Sep 11 2019 0:00: Advanced Training Course - Frontiers in Metastasis Biology

    University of Cambridge, UK
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Please communicate your new publications and awards in the fields of breast development and cancer to M. Bentires-Alj.

June 28 2019: SAKK/Pfizer Award 2019 has been awarded to Prof. Dr. med. Walter Weber from University of Basel. » More information


Feb 15 2018: Walter Weber wins the Claudia von Schilling Award 2017 for his pioneering work in the field of oncoplastic surgery. » See web page


Aug 15 2017: Full house again at today's BBC special lecture by Monica Morrow from MSKCC. » See event poster


Feb 2 2017: Based on the success of the tricycle seminars, the BBC coordinators decided to extend the format of these seminars


Dec 15 2016: Visit the ENBDC page on "Conversations with Key Figures in Mammary Gland Biology and Breast Cancer". » Go to web page


Sep 27 2016: Congratulations to BBC member Dr. Elisabeth A Kappos who was recently awarded the Scholarship of the Swiss Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. » Read more


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"...the practice of medicine will become increasingly interdisciplinary, requiring clinicians to work with biologists and physicists, chemists, engineers, and computational experts to deal with diagnostics and to invent novel ways to intervene..."
"We must also think about time scales. The university must pursue fundamental discovery research for long-term benefits, translational research for the medium-term application, and patients-based application for short-term, if not immediate results. All three must find their place in a dialogue within the faculty."

From "The future of medicine" (Schwabe Verlag Basel 2013, 10-22) by Susan M. Gasser, FMI Director.