Christof B. Wyss

Institution: University of Fribourg


Pathology Department of Medicine University of Fribourg Rue Albert Gockel 1 1700 Fribourg Switzerland


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Phone: +41 26 300 8497

Research interests:

Brain metastases are a serious complication of cancer, characterized by short median survival time and poor prognosis. Clinically relevant brain metastases are diagnosed in 25%-30% of patients with disseminated breast cancer. However, lack of targeted therapies and limited efficiency of current treatments complicate their management in patients. To this end, we established two robust preclinical murine models of breast cancer metastasis to the brain. We are particularly interested in understanding how breast cancer cells adapt during metastatic disseminatiion in order to efficiently colonize the secondary site in the brain. We are focusing on cancer cell-autonomous mechanisms as well as on the cross talk with resident cells in the brain parenchyma. We identified novel druggable molecular targets which are critical in our mouse models for the formation of brain metastases and which correlate with short brain metastasis-free survival in breast cancer patients. We’re aiming to further investigate the underlying molecular mechanisms by which these mediators contribute to metastatic progression and brain colonization.

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