Dominique Meyer

Institution: Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd


Gewerbestrasse 16, CH-4123 Allschwil, Switzerland


Phone: +41 61 565 59 41

Research interests:

Oncoimmunology, Cancer therapy, Mouse models, Solid tumors

Selected publications:

1) Meyer DS et al., Expression of PIK3CA Mutant E545K in the Mammary Gland Induces Heterogeneous Tumors but is less Potent than PIK3CA Mutant H1047R, Oncogenesis 2013 2) Meyer DS et al., Tyrosine Tyrosine phosphatase PTPα contributes to HER2-evoked breast tumor initiation and maintenance and Initiation, Oncogene 2013 3) Meyer DS et al., Luminal Expression of PIK3CA Mutant H1047R in the Mammary Gland Induces Heterogeneous Tumors, Cancer Research 2011

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