Eliezer Shochat

Institution: Shochat Strategic Pharma Services - Iatromatics


Rainenweg 120, Reinach BL 4153, Switzerland

Email: eliezer.shochat@iatromatics.com

Phone: 079-388-4076

Research interests:

Quantitative Translational Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology methodologies in Oncology Drug Development Innovative Combinations in Immunotherapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Selected publications:

1. Abou-Alfa GK, Puig O, Daniele B, Kudo M, Merle P, Park JW, Ross P, Peron JM,Ebert O, Chan S, Poon TP, Colombo M, Okusaka T, Ryoo BY, Minguez B, Tanaka T, Ohtomo T, Ukrainskyj S, Boisserie F, Rutman O, Chen YC, Xu C, Shochat E., et al.,A Randomized Phase II placebo controlled study of codrituzumab in previously treated patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma., J Hepatol., 2016 2. Connor AJ., Nowak RP., Lorenzon E., Thomas M., Herting F., Hoert S., Quaizer T., Shochat E., et al.,An integrated approach to quantitative modelling in angiogenesis research, J. Royal Society Interface 2015, 12(110). 3. Kraeber-Bodere F., Carlier T., Meresse-Naegelen V., Shochat E. et al., Differences in the biological activity of two novel MEK inhibitors revealed by 18-FDG positron emission tomography: Analysis of imaging data from two phase I trials, J Nuclear Medicine 2012, 53;1836-46. 4. Malka R., Wolach B., Gavrieli R., Shochat E. & Rom-Kedar V., Evidence for bistable bacteria-neutrophil interaction and its clinical implications, J Clin Invest 2012, 122;3002-11. 5. Martinez-Garcia M., Banerji U., Albanell J., Bahleda R., Dolly S., Kraeber-Bodere F., Rojo F., Routier E., Guarin E., Xu ZX., Rueger R., Tessier JJ., Shochat E. et al., Firstin- Human, Phase I Dose-Escalation Study of the Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics of RO5126766, a First-in-Class Dual MEK/RAF Inhibitor in Patients with Solid Tumors, Clin Cancer Res 2012. 6. Shochat E. & Rom-Kedar, V., Novel strategies for GCSF treatment of severe prolonged neutropenia suggested by mathematical modelling, Clin Cancer Res 2008. 7. Bunimovich S., Shochat E. & Stone L., Mathematical Model of BCG Immunotherapy in Superficial Bladder Cancer, Bull Math Biol 2007. 8. Shochat E., Hart D. & Agur Z., Using computer simulations for evaluating the efficacy of breast cancer chemotherapy protocols, MMM Methods in Applied Sciences 1999.

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