Epameinondas Gousopoulos

Institution: Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences ETH Zurich


Bäulistrasse 23 CH - 8049 Zürich

Email: e.gousopoulos@pharma.ethz.ch

Phone: +41446333951

Research interests:

My interest lays on breast cancer and in particular to a post-breast-cancer-treatment complication, namely lymphedema. In this regard the aim of my work as MD/PhD candidate is to unravel the pathophysiology of the disease and develop a potential therapeutic/rescue intervention. On the other hand, as clinician with a focus on plastic surgery, my interests include all breast-related pathological conditions and particularly the possible participation of the lymphatic vasculature in their progression and therapeutic management.

Selected publications:

Currently MD/PhD candidate in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Michael Detmar 2 publications in press (one original research paper and a review)

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