Laura Pisarsky

Institution: Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel


Mattenstrasse 28 4058 Basel


Group website:

Phone: 061.695.30.54

Research interests:

Breast cancer, angiogenesis and therapeutic resistance, tumor metabolism, EMT

Selected publications:

Fantozzi, A., D. C. Gruber, L. Pisarsky, C. Heck, A. Kunita, M. Yilmaz, N. Meyer-Schaller, K. Cornille, U. Hopfer, M. Bentires-Alj and G. Christofori (2014). "VEGF-Mediated Angiogenesis Links EMT-Induced Cancer Stemness to Tumor Initiation." Cancer Res 74(5): 1566-1575.

Zumsteg, A., C. Caviezel, L. Pisarsky, K. Strittmatter, C. Garcia-Echeverria, F. Hofmann and G. Christofori (2012). "Repression of malignant tumor progression upon pharmacologic IGF1R blockade in a mouse model of insulinoma." Mol Cancer Res 10(6): 800-809.

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