Maria Filippova

Institution: Basel University Hospital, Department of Biomedicine


Signaling Laboratory
Hebelstrasse 20
4031 Basel Switzerland


Group website:

Phone: 4176-2652967

Research interests:

Cancer, vascular biology, mechanisms of tumour and vascular cell migration and invasion, angiogenesis, signal transduction, adhesion molecules, cadherins, GPI-anchored proteins

Selected publications:

(The name is spelled as Philippova)
1. Philippova M, Pfaff D, Kyriakakis E, Buechner SA, Iezzi G, Spagnoli GC, Schoenenberger AW, Erne P, Resink TJ. T-cadherin loss promotes experimental metastasis of squamous cell carcinoma. European journal of cancer 2013; 49: 2048-58.

2. Kyriakakis E, Maslova K, Frachet A, Ferri N, Contini A, Pfaff D, Erne P, Resink TJ, Philippova M. Cross-talk between EGFR and T-cadherin: EGFR activation promotes T-cadherin localization to intercellular contacts. Cellular signalling 2013; 25: 1044-53.

3. Philippova M, Joshi MB, Pfaff D, Kyriakakis E, Maslova K, Erne P, Resink TJ. T-cadherin attenuates insulin-dependent signalling, eNOS activation, and angiogenesis in vascular endothelial cells. Cardiovascular research 2012; 93: 498-507.

4. Kyriakakis E, Maslova K, Philippova M, Pfaff D, Joshi MB, Buechner SA, Erne P, Resink TJ. T-Cadherin is an auxiliary negative regulator of EGFR pathway activity in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: impact on cell motility. The Journal of investigative dermatology 2012; 132: 2275-85.

5. Pfaff D, Philippova M, Kyriakakis E, Maslova K, Rupp K, Buechner SA, Iezzi G, Spagnoli GC, Erne P, Resink TJ. Paradoxical effects of T-cadherin on squamous cell carcinoma: up- and down-regulation increase xenograft growth by distinct mechanisms. The Journal of pathology 2011; 225: 512-24.

6. Pfaff D, Philippova M, Buechner SA, Maslova K, Mathys T, Erne P, Resink TJ. T-cadherin loss induces an invasive phenotype in human keratinocytes and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) cells in vitro and is associated with malignant transformation of cutaneous SCC in vivo. The British journal of dermatology 2010; 163: 353-63.

7. Philippova M, Joshi MB, Kyriakakis E, Pfaff D, Erne P, Resink TJ. A guide and guard: the many faces of T-cadherin. Cellular signalling 2009; 21: 1035-44.

8. Philippova M, Banfi A, Ivanov D, Gianni-Barrera R, Allenspach R, Erne P, Resink T. Atypical GPI-anchored T-cadherin stimulates angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology 2006; 26: 2222-30.

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