Marija Plodinec

Institution: Biozentrum, University of Basel


Klingelbergstrasse 70, 4056, Basel


Group website:

Phone: ++41 61 267 22 60

Research interests:

tissue mechanics, physical aspects of cancer progression, cell-cell and cell-ECM interactions, particularly structural and functional aspects of basement membranes, translational research in cancer mechanics

Selected publications:

1. ‘The nanomechanical signature of breast cancer‘ M. Plodinec, M. Loparic, C. A. Monnier, E. C. Obermann, R. Zanetti-Dallenbach, P. Oertle, J.T. Hyotyla, U. Aebi, M. Bentires-Alj, R. Y. H. Lim and C-A. Schoenenberger Nature Nanotechnology (2012) 7 757

2. ‘The nanomechanical properties of rat fibroblasts are modulated by interfering with the vimentin intermediate filament system’ Plodinec, M., M. Loparic, et al. J Struct Biol (2011) 174(3) 476-484

3. ‘Spatial organization acts on cell signaling: how physical force contributes to the development of cancer’ Plodinec, M. and Schoenenberger, C. A. Breast Cancer Res (2010) 12(4) 308

4. ’A tumorigenic actin mutant alters fibroblast morphology and multicellular assembly properties’ U. Blache, U. Silvan*, M.Plodinec* et al. Cytoskeleton (2013). * equal contribution

5. Book Chapters Atomic-Force Microscopy for Biological Imaging and Mechanical Testing across Length Scales. Plodinec M., Loparic M., Aebi U. (2010).

6. A Laboratory Manual 2nd Live Cell Imaging ed., D.L.S. Robert D. Goldman, Editor. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. Nanomechanical Characterization of Living Mammary Tissues by Atomic Force Microscopy. Plodinec M. * and R.Y.H. Lim (in press). Mammary Stem Cells. Humana Press. * corresponding author

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