Mario P. Tschan

Institution: Institute of Pathology, University of Bern


Tumor Pathology TP2 Division of Experimental Pathology Institute of Pathology University of Bern Murtenstrasse 31 P.O. Box 62 CH-3010 Bern, Switzerland


Group website:

Phone: +41 31 632 8780

Research interests:

Autophagy, Cellular Differentiation, Retinoids, Breast Cancer, Acute Myeloid Leukemias, Transcription Factors

Selected publications:

Activation of RARα induces autophagy in SKBR3 breast cancer cells and depletion of key autophagy genes enhances ATRA toxicity. Brigger D, Schläfli AM, Garattini E, Tschan MP. Cell Death Dis. 2015 Aug 27;6:e1861. Human DMTF1β antagonizes DMTF1α regulation of the p14(ARF) tumor suppressor and promotes cellular proliferation. Tschan MP, Federzoni EA, Haimovici A, Britschgi C, Moser BA, Jin J, Reddy VA, Sheeter DA, Fischer KM, Sun P, Torbett BE. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2015 Sep;1849(9):1198-208. Reliable LC3 and p62 autophagy marker detection in formalin fixed paraffin embedded human tissue by immunohistochemistry. Schläfli AM, Berezowska S, Adams O, Langer R, Tschan MP. Eur J Histochem. 2015 May 5;59(2):2481. WIPI-dependent autophagy during neutrophil differentiation of NB4 acute promyelocytic leukemia cells. Brigger D, Proikas-Cezanne T, Tschan MP. Cell Death Dis. 2014 Jul 3;5:e1315. CEBPA-dependent HK3 and KLF5 expression in primary AML and during AML differentiation. Federzoni EA, Humbert M, Torbett BE, Behre G, Fey MF, Tschan MP. Sci Rep. 2014 Mar 3;4:4261. The tumor suppressor gene DAPK2 is induced by the myeloid transcription factors PU.1 and C/EBPα during granulocytic differentiation but repressed by PML-RARα in APL. Humbert M, Federzoni EA, Britschgi A, Schläfli AM, Valk PJ, Kaufmann T, Haferlach T, Behre G, Simon HU, Torbett BE, Fey MF, Tschan MP. J Leukoc Biol. 2014 Jan;95(1):83-93 PU.1 is linking the glycolytic enzyme HK3 in neutrophil differentiation and survival of APL cells. Federzoni EA, Valk PJ, Torbett BE, Haferlach T, Löwenberg B, Fey MF, Tschan MP. Blood. 2012 May 24;119(21):4963-70.

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