Nicole Forster-Gross

Institution: Basilea Pharmaceutica AG


Grenzacherstr. 487 4005 Basel Switzerland


Group website: Group of Dr. Heidi Lane at Basilea Pharmaceutica

Research interests:

Cancer research; Targeted therapeutics in cancer

Selected publications:

1. Basal cell signaling by p63 controls luminal progenitor function and lactation via NRG1. Forster N, Saladi SV, van Bragt M, Sfondouris ME, Jones FE, Li Z, Ellisen LW. 2. Mcl-1 and FBW7 control a dominant survival pathway underlying HDAC and Bcl-2 inhibitor synergy in squamous cell carcinoma. He L, Torres-Lockhart K, Forster N, Ramakrishnan S, Greninger P, Garnett MJ, McDermott U, Rothenberg SM, Benes CH, Ellisen LW. 3. Notch signaling mediates p63-induced quiescence: a new facet of p63/Notch crosstalk. Forster N, Ellisen LW. 4. The integrin alpha(v)beta(3-5) ligand MFG-E8 is a p63/p73 target gene in triple-negative breast cancers but exhibits suppressive functions in ER(+) and erbB2(+) breast cancers. Yang C, Hayashida T, Forster N, Li C, Shen D, Maheswaran S, Chen L, Anderson KS, Ellisen LW, Sgroi D, Schmidt EV.

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