Paul Zajac

Institution: University Hospital of Basel


DBM Hebelstrasse 20 CH-4031 Basel


Phone: 061.265.2330

Research interests:

Cancer immunotherapy

Selected publications:

CD40 ligand-expressing recombinant vaccinia virus (rVV40L) promotes the generation of CD8 central memory T cells. 2015, Eur.J.Immunol. Trella, E., Raafat, N., Mengus, C., Traunecker, E., Governa, V., Heidtmann, S., Heberer, M., Oertli, D., Spagnoli, G. C., and Zajac, P. Expression of programmed death ligand 1 (PD-L1) is associated with poor prognosis in human breast cancer. 2014, Breast Cancer Res.Treat. Muenst, S., Schaerli, A. R., Gao, F., Daster, S., Trella, E., Droeser, R. A., Muraro, M. G., Zajac, P., Zanetti, R., Gillanders, W. E., Weber, W. P., and Soysal, S. D. Preventing vaccinia virus class-I epitopes presentation by HSV-ICP47 enhances the immunogenicity of a TAP-independent cancer vaccine epitope. 2012, Int.J.Cancer Raafat, N., Sadowski-Cron, C., Mengus, C., Heberer, M., Spagnoli, G. C., and Zajac, P. Intranodal immunization with a vaccinia virus encoding multiple antigenic epitopes and costimulatory molecules in metastatic melanoma 2010, Mol.Ther. Adamina, M., Rosenthal, R., Weber, W. P., Frey, D. M., Viehl, C. T., Bolli, M., Huegli, R. W., Jacob, A. L., Heberer, M., Oertli, D., Marti, W., Spagnoli, G. C., and Zajac, P. Phase I/II clinical trial of a nonreplicative vaccinia virus expressing multiple HLA-A0201-restricted tumor-associated epitopes and costimulatory molecules in metastatic melanoma patients. 2003 Hum.Gene Ther. Zajac, P., Oertli, D., Marti, W., Adamina, M., Bolli, M., Guller, U., Noppen, C., Padovan, E., Schultz-Thater, E., Heberer, M., and Spagnoli, G.

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