Sarah Geisler

Institution: ETH Zurich


Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering Mattenstrasse 26 4058 Basel Switzerland


Group website: (Paro Lab)

Phone: +41 61 387 31 43

Research interests:

Epigenetics, noncoding RNA, gene expression, molecular chaperones, Hsp90

Selected publications:

1) Geisler, S.J. and Paro, R. (2015) Trithorax and Polycomb group-dependent regulation: a tale of opposing activities. Development (142): 2876-2887. 2) Smith, J.E, Alvarez-Dominguez, J.R., Kline, N., Huynh, N.J., Geisler, S., Hu, W., Coller, J., Baker, KE. (2014) Translation of small open reading frames within unannotated RNA transcripts in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Cell Reports 7 (6): 1858-1866. 3) Geisler, S.* and Coller, J.* (2013). RNA in unexpected places: long noncoding RNAs function in a variety of cellular contexts. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology (11): 699-712. 4) Geisler, S., Lojek, L., Khalil, A.M., Baker, K.E., and Coller, J. (2012) Decapping of Long Noncoding RNAs Regulates Inducible Genes. Molecular Cell 45, (3): 279-291.

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