Simona Pavan

Institution: University of Basel - Department of Biomedicine


Mattenstrasse 28, 4058 Basel


Group website:

Phone: +41616953055

Research interests:

Breast cancer biology, EMT, cancer stem cells

Selected publications:

Pavan S, Musiani D, Torchiaro E, Migliardi G, Gai M, Di Cunto F, Erriquez J, Olivero M, Di Renzo MF. HSP27 is required for invasion and metastasis triggered by hepatocyte growth factor. Int J Cancer, 2014 Mar 15;134(6):1289-99

Pavan S, Olivero M, Corà D, Di Renzo MF. IRF-1 expression is induced by cisplatin in ovarian cancer cells and limits drug effectiveness. Eur J Cancer. 2013 Mar;49(4):964-73

Napione L.*, Pavan S.*, Veglio A.*, Picco A., Boffetta G., Celani A., Seano G., Primo L., Gamba A., Bussolino F. Unraveling the influence of endothelial cell density on VEGF-A signalling. Blood, 2012 Apr 17; 119 (23): 5599-607 *co-authorship

Barbero N., Napione L., Quagliotto P., Pavan S., Barolo C., Barni E., Bussolino F., Viscardi G. Fluorescence anisotropy analysis of protein-antibody interaction. Dyes and Pigments, Volume 83, Issue 2, November 2009, Pages 225-229

Barbero N., Barni E., Barolo C., Quagliotto P., Viscardi G., Napione L., Pavan S., Bussolino F. A study of the interaction between fluorescein sodium and bovine serum albumin by steady-state fluorescence. Dyes and Pigments, Volume 80, Issue 3, March 2009, Pages 307-313

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