Institution: NIBR


Novartis Pharma AG, Werk Klybeck WKL-125.2.42 CH-4002 Basel SWITZERLAND


Phone: +41616967906

Research interests:

PDX models, TNBC, heterogeneity and metastases, pharmacology

Selected publications:

Horn T, Ferretti S et al (2016) High order drug combinations are required to effectively kill colorectal cancer cells. Cancer research (Accepted). Ferretti S*, Gao H*, Korn J* et al (2015) Systematic in vivo screening using patient-dervied tumor xenograft models to predict human clinical trial drug response. Nature Medicine; 21 (11): 1318-25. Jeay S, Gaulis S, Ferretti S, Bitter H, Ito M, Valat T, Murakami M, Ruetz S, Guthy D, Rynn C, Jensen M, Kallen J, Furet P, Gessier F, Holzer P, Masuya K, Halilovic E, Wiesmann M, Hofmann F, Sellers WR, Graus-Porta D (2015) A p53 target gene signature predicts for response to NVP-CGM097, a novel and selective p53-HDM2 inhibitor. eLife; 4.

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